Ecofitt is Joining the Team

Welcome to the team Ecofitt Corp! Bringing our energy efficiency expertise and services together will be a true game changer for reducing energy use and decarbonizing communities across Canada.


Our energy experts are here to help your organization reduce its impact on the planet. Discover how we can help make your dreams of change a reality.


A Greener Future, Free of Charge.
Goodbye Ghastly Gas Bills. Hello Clean Energy Savings.

Thanks to two low-and moderate-income-based initiatives, the Energy Affordability Program (EAP) and the Home Winterproofing Program (HWP), going green is now possible for every Ontarian. From smart thermostats to high-efficiency showerheads, all energy-efficient upgrades are available free of charge. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to go green, without spending a cent. With benefits this amazing, you can’t afford not to apply. 
Interested in participating? Learn more about each program below.

Proven Canadian energy experience

As a Canadian company, we’re committed to investing in the country’s economy, infrastructure and people. Our teams are responsible for some of the largest, most nuanced conservation and demand management (CDM) programs in the country, such as our province-wide industrial programs in Ontario, residential programs in British Columbia and industrial strategic energy management in Alberta. By working with us or participating in our programs, you’ll be directly supporting sustainable, clean energy improvements in local communities, workplaces and natural environments.

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Our proven Canadian Partners

We are connected.

We’ve grown from a small firm in British Columbia to the largest provider of energy efficiency and CDM services in Canada. Now, with over 130 employees across the country, we’re saving energy from coast to coast. Our impact is powered by our dedicated teams who work tirelessly to meet and exceed our clients’ needs while promoting growth and innovation to fit the ever-evolving energy landscape year after year.

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We accelerate engagement

We accelerate engagement.

Between utility providers and their customers by providing energy savings through programs, conducting outreach campaigns across the region, or delivering results to energy consumers.

We drive experiences.

From direct interaction and program implementation to trade ally networks and customer journeys, our energy efficiency and CDM experiences are inclusive, easy and memorable.

We drive experiences
We drive experiences
Our expertise in energy efficiency, decarbonization and energy transition is decades in the making.

Climate change is here–and we’re continuously improving how we respond and take action. To better protect our planet and create more environmentally sustainable communities, we focus our expertise and technology on three transformative practices that change the way people use energy.