We offer energy efficiency consulting for a variety of agriculture facilities.

Indoor agriculture
Indoor Agriculture

We know how important it is to control the indoor environment for optimal plant growth. We don't stop at horticultural lighting; we work with you to find deeper levels of savings and higher utility incentives. We analyze air movement, heating, cooling, and dehumidification systems, controls, irrigation and CO2 modifications, and other strategies to lower energy costs in controlled environment agriculture.

Animal agriculture
Animal Agriculture and Crops

Farmers’ primary concern is the health of their animals, so many other management issues – like optimizing energy use – aren’t always top of mind. There are many ways we help livestock and crop farmers manage energy such as optimizing pumping systems, updating ventilation control strategies, and reducing waste in compressed air and vacuum systems.

Wineries, Breweries and Distilleries

We rely on our decade-plus experience to help businesses of any size understand how they use energy and how to make cost-effective improvements. We can provide a deeper understanding of how energy is used in your operation and create a roadmap for reduction.

How we get the job done:


The first step toward increasing energy savings is to understand where you stand today. Benchmarking your operation’s energy and water use helps set a baseline for making improvements. It can also provide insight into how the operation stacks up against competitors.

Energy Audits

Our experienced engineers can walk through your facility, recommend opportunities for improvements and help you navigate the process of getting utility incentives for upgrades.

Measurement and verification

We'll help you identify custom energy savings projects and measure and verify energy savings in a way that’s tailored to your needs.

Strategic Energy Management (SEM)

Identify low-cost and no-cost ways to manage energy—while you stay focused on growing your crop. Our SEM services can help you quantify savings for larger capital projects and guide you to available incentives.

Utility Incentives

We work with you to get: 

• Widget-based rebates that make it easy to apply for and receive utility incentives

• Over-the counter instant discounts for select agricultural products

• Custom utility rebates for more complex projects that require measurement and verification (and that usually qualify for higher levels of utility incentives)



We coordinate trade ally networks for systems such as boilers, rooftop units, grain dryers, and refrigeration systems to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.

Cut power demand costs

Shift power consumption away from times when utilities charge peak rates, saving you money.


We help companies create, reach and surpass their sustainability goals. We can measure your carbon footprint and work with you to develop and implement a holistic plan to meet compliance targets.

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